Google games free of charge

Google games free of charge

Google games free of charge, tired of being active all day, you can reduce boredom with entertainment or playing games . One of them is playing some games on Google without having to download them.

Just got a bunch of Google games that can be played for free. Normally this Google game appears when there’s a particular day of warning. It can also appear when there is a big game such as the Olympics or the commemoration of the day of the games.

If you want to play a game on Google, users can simply search on Google by entering keywords from the game. You can also find recommended games or see games you’ve played through the Play Game app.

Google games free of charge
Google games free of charge

Here is a list of free Google games free of charge that you can play to blow off boredom or fill your spare time.

1. Dino Run
You must be familiar with the appearance of dinosaurs on the Google page. Usually when you lose internet connection, this dinosaur image will definitely appear on the front page of Google Chrome. Actually this is a game provided by Google.

2. Play Snake
This game has probably been played by almost everyone. This snake game is similar to the snake game on old Nokia phones. For those who miss, this game can be played again on Google for free with more attractive and colorful visuals.

3. Tic-tac-toe or commonly known as ‘SOS’
Find it by typing “Tic-tac-toe”. You will play three “X” or “O” signs in succession horizontally, vertically, or across. There are three levels of difficulty in this game, namely Easy, Medium, and Very Difficult.

4. Solitaire
This one game is also quite easy to find. Users simply type in the search field with the keywords “Solitaire” or “Classic Solitaire” then press the play button. You can play it according to the level of difficulty you want.

5. Minesweeper
is a single-player puzzle video game also available on  Google Games . How to play Minesweeper on Google is exactly the same as on a Windows computer. You are asked to collect the numbers hidden in the board box.

6. Google Underwater
is actually a Google display that carries an underwater theme. Simply type “Google Underwater”, then you will be presented with a display with an underwater theme that can be played simply by using the cursor.

7. 2048 Game or some kind of number puzzle
This game requires the player to combine the boxes with a certain number. The goal is for the numbers in the square to form the final result of 2048.

8. 2012 Olympic Games For sports lovers, Google also offers really interesting games such as Google Soccer 2012. This game appeared on the Google Doodle during the 2012 Olympics. There is also Google Basketball 2012.

9. Google Slalom Canoe
This game is a type of obstacle course game with a water sports theme. You can play this game by entering the keyword “Slalom Canoe” in a search engine.

10. Coding
has a creative and challenging gameplay. The Google Doodle game provides a fun challenge from this game in the activity of moving the character of a rabbit to hunt carrots.

11. Crickets
one of the most popular sports in the world. This Google Doodle game is played like baseball where players must use the right time to hit the ball.

12. Garden Gnomes
is a google doodle game released to celebrate Garden Day in Germany. Tells about the history of the activity of making statues of gnomes or better known as dwarves. Because it is so famous local residents create a Garden Day celebration.

13. Hip Hop
this Google Doodle game as a monumental celebration of the 44th HipHop music, the Hip Hop game invites users to play various types of music and Hip Hop playlists from various famous musicians.

14. Halloween
the main character or character of this game is a witch cat who has to deal with various types of strange but funny ghosts. Each creature will have its own pattern symbol, starting from a horizontal line, a “v”-shaped line and many more.

15. Pac-Man
you can play this classic gameplay like the original only from the browser. For the control mechanism, you can use the navigation buttons or the trackpad.

16. Fischinger
commemorating the 117th birthday of Oskar Fischinger. The gameplay pattern of this game carries a fairly unique gameplay concept, namely the sound of the instrument according to one’s own wishes and imagination from a board with an irregular pattern.

17. Pony Express
is a mail delivery system that uses horses to deliver mail to many different areas of the United States. This concept Google brought through a Google Doodle game in 2015.

It’s a list of Google Games Free Of Charge that can be played.